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LCISD-GB(Girls Basketball) is a volunteer community gathering of coaches and parents premised to educating and developing the Lady's basketball players in the LCISD community on the fundamental skills and IQ of basketball .


LCISD-G Basketball has been developed because a group of parents and coaches saw that LCISD Lady's basketball program was in an emergency state.  LCISD "skilled" basketball players were graduating,, and with these skilled players leaving, it left very few skilled players in the pipeline; hence, leaving a program that could not compete outside of the District.


LCISD's Superintendent, Dr. Nivens and LCISD Athletic Director Nicole Nelson heard the community's cry and opened the door for LCISD-G Basketball education to happen.  LCISD-GB is NOT affiliated with the LCISD district. We are simply a concerned community of parents whose daughters are currently a part of or have graduated from Foster High School / Lady Falcons Basketball Program.

Parents, if you are reading this, please listen closely...LCISD-GB begins FIRST with a complete COMMITMENT from the LCISD parent (YOU)! If you commit to bringing your daughter(s) to class, a greater reward awaits THEM, YOU, OUR SCHOOLS, and OUR COMMUNITY.

  • Higher commitment to scholastics,

  • A Winning program, 

  • and for some...Scholarships for free college


Training begins in 3rd Grade, so Please join us and commit to LCISD Girls Basketball!


Height: 5‘4"

Number: 12

Average points

per game:

Average blocks

per game:

Average assists

per game:

Average rebounds

per game:

Stats Count...Player Commitment Determines Stats...Parents Commitment Dictate The Future!
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